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Click to discover pageant hair and pageant makeup tips that will help you pull off the perfect look for interview, evening gown, swimsuit and appearances.

Miss America state titleholders stop for a photo together in Washington, D.C. - Photo: Miss America Organization

10 Summer Pageant Hairstyles You MUST Try

Whether you have long hair or short, summer can be a challenging time for our styling games. With humid weather and temperatures maintaining a steady high, the very last thing we want to do is slave over our hair all day and night. More time in the bathroom fussing with our lovely locks equals less […]

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Chelsea Swiggum, Miss Minnesota United States 2016 - Photo: Dan Davis

10 Summer Products for Pageant Girls with Oily Skin

Whether it is seasonal or just how your skin texture is, oily skin can seriously cramp your beauty style. Now factor in summer, when the line between “radiant” and “greasier than a slice of cheese pizza after a pageant” blurs a little, we get a little more desperate than usual to control our skin’s oil […]

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Desi Williams, Miss Virginia USA 2016; Abby Floyd, Miss Arkansas USA 2016 and Alexandra Miller, Miss 52 USA 2016 - Photos: Miss Universe Organization

7 Patriotic Pageant Looks to Try for the 4th of July

Pageant girls rejoice! It is a couple days before the Fourth of July, which means that it is time to start planning your Independence Day outfit, including your Fourth of July makeup. You might have your typical July Fourth tee already picked out and ready to go. If you are really going all out, you […]

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Ashley Broockman, Miss East Tennessee Winterfest 2016 - Photo: Goodwin Photography

5 Must Have Makeup Products for Girls with Pale Skin

Tan skin has enjoyed popularity in our culture ever since Coco Chanel accidentally made sunbathing chic in 1923. However, with the recent increase in knowledge about sun damage and the resulting risks, it’s becoming more and more fashionable to embrace your natural skin tone — just as it’s become fashionable to embrace naturally thick brows. […]

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Daniella Rodriguez, Miss Texas USA 2016 - Photo: Miss Universe Organization

7 Best Pageant Hairstyles for Curly Hair

We know pageant girls everywhere have pressed, chemically straightened, and probably even begged and prayed for their curly hair to, for the love of all things pageantry, just cooperate. Please. Then, when it does not cooperate, you just lose it and realize that all of those naturally straight haired girls just do not know how […]

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Olivia Jordan, Miss USA 2015 - Photo: Zac Grimaldo

How to Style Your Makeup Like Miss USA 2015 in 5 Easy Steps

In the wide world of pageantry, each system has a specific style or look that is unique to that system and specific to its judging criteria. For example, Miss America puts a strong emphasis on the interview portion of the competition as well as the talent competition. On the other hand, in Miss USA a […]

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Allie Dunn, Miss North Carolina USA 2016 - Photo: Jonathan Carter

How to Choose a Fragrance That’s Perfect for You

Take one look at the slew of Hollywood starlets gracing the red carpets and it will seem like every woman worth her while has a signature fragrance that she created and practically bathes in every evening. From Elizabeth Taylor’s White Diamonds to Taylor Swift’s Wonderstruck, celebrities are constantly outdoing each other with fragrances. The sad […]

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Rosalie Smith, Miss Wisconsin 2015 - Photo: The Studio

3 Pageant Hairstyle Trends You NEED to Try and 2 Styles You Need to Avoid

Pageant hair style and color are two of the most important decisions a contestant can make. Enhancing your facial features doesn’t only happen with the help of lipstick and eyeliner. While makeup is definitely more of a permanent step in highlighting your facial features, the haircut you ask your stylist for is kind of a […]

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Savannah Chrisley, Miss Tennesssee Teen USA 2016 - Photo: Kristy Belcher Photography

8 Problems Every Girl With Short Hair Has And How To Fix Them

Pageant girls all over the world do it. After months or sometimes years of debating, they finally take the plunge and drastically cut their hair. Having a short haircut comes with a lot of perks, like not having a shower drain filled with hair and being able to save money on expensive conditioners. Tons of […]

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How to Style Glitz Pageant Hair

Beauty, scholarship, and natural pageants all focus on a contestant’s appearance and overall poise. However, glitz pageants are easily the most dazzling of them all. In a glitz pageant, a contestant’s every detail must exude perfect glamour and pizzazz all around. Regardless of your age, if you’ll be competing on a glitz pageant stage, prepare […]

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Katie Schaaf, IJM Miss Grand Canyon State Jr. Teen 2016

Best Drugstore Dupes for High-End Products

Holy grails, cult favorites, or deserted island must-haves – no matter what you call them, every girl has a list of products that she just can’t live without. From pageant girls to flashy Youtubers, there are just certain products every girl lusts after. These incredible products are celebrated for being effective, high-end, and covet-worthy. (Think: […]

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Bridget Jacobs, Miss Minnesota USA 2016, gets her makeup done by a Perfect Face cosmetics artist. Photo: Miss Universe Organization

How To Transition Your Makeup Throughout the Pageant

To a new pageant contestant, makeup is makeup. You put it on and it makes your face look better, right? But to the seasoned pageant contestant, you know that there is a world of a difference between the makeup you wear for registration, interview, and onstage pageant competitions. Here is your guide of exactly how […]

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Victoria Mendoza, Miss World America; Summer Priester, Miss United States; and Hannah Grau, Jr. Teen Virginia Inspiring Princess wearing cocktail dresses from That's My Dress.

How to Style Yourself for a Spring Appearance

Finding the perfect outfit for a spring appearance can be a huge pain, especially when the weather isn’t quite as warm as you’d like! Whether you have a closet overflowing with fashion inspiration or a more modest wardrobe, there is no denying that sometimes pageant girls occasionally suffer from “fashion block” (the style equivalent of […]

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Savannah Bradford, IJM International Miss 2015 - Photo: Kathy Whittaker Photography

Best Drugstore Pageant Makeup Options

The beginning of a new year signifies new goals and aspirations. In addition, a brand new year also represents the onslaught of new makeup products hitting the shelves of drugstores everywhere! Then throughout the year companies introduce more and more beauty products each month based on the current season. If you’re looking for a good deal, […]

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Paulina Vega, Miss Universe 2014 - Photo: Fadil Berisha

How to Find The Best Red Lip Color for Your Skin Tone

What is more classic and chic than a bold red lip? Whether you are competing in a pageant or want to try something new, there is a perfect red for every woman! To start, make sure your lips are moisturized to ensure the smoothest application. Next, apply a lip primer like Anastasia Beverly Hills Lip […]

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Chelsea Hardin, Miss Hawaii USA 2016 - Photo: Georgina Vaughan Photography

10 Lazy Beauty Hacks Every Pageant Girl Should Know

We all know the feeling: It’s 6 a.m., you’ve hit the snooze button multiple times stalling until the last possible second, and you definitely can’t function without your favorite cup of Starbucks or Dunkin coffee. Chances are, you’re also struggling with your morning beauty routine – or lack thereof. If you’re willing to skip important […]

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Hope Stephens, Miss Tennessee USA 2016 - Photo: Goodwin Photography

How to Style Your Pageant Makeup for Under $25

Pageant costs can add up quickly, especially if you plan to do your own makeup on pageant weekend. Here is how to achieve an on-stage look without breaking the bank. How to Style Your Pageant Makeup on a Budget The Challenge: I allotted myself only $25 to make a complete pageant makeup look. There are […]

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Nikol Svantnerova, Miss Universe Czech Republic 2015

How To Get a Gorgeous Makeup Finish Using IT Cosmetics Brushes

Some makeup brushes have the fine precision of a pencil while others are as soft as a cloud. However, each and every makeup brush claims to have the power to help you produce flawless makeup looks reminiscent of a Victoria’s Secret angel. Sadly, only a few brands truly live up to this promise. (Read: How to […]

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Vanessa VonBehren, Miss Minnesota USA 2016 Semifinalist - Photo: Georgina Vaughan

How to Create the Perfect Pageant Makeup Base

A beautiful base begins with beautiful skin. Your makeup will only look as good as what’s underneath it! Here are the building blocks for a flawless foundation (pun intended!). Creating the Perfect Pageant Makeup Base Exfoliation It’s important to start with a clean canvas to ensure that your makeup will look flawless and even. A […]

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Kate Redeker, Miss Wisconsin USA 2016 - Photo: Fadil Berisha

10 Beauty Trends that are Taking Over 2016

“New year, new everything” tends to be a universal beauty philosophy come January 1st! The Pageant Planet wants to ensure that you’ve got a handle on it all before the trends even start. Whether you consider yourself a classicist (think: polished red pouts and French-tipped nails) or a party-girl rebel (think: winged liner and vampy […]

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