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Pageant Appearance 101

by / Monday, 11 February 2013 / Published in General Tips
Miss USA Alyssa Campanella Rings The New York Stock Exchange Closing Bell - June 22, 2011
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There are 2 types of requests; a HARD arrival time and a SOFT or OPEN arrival time. Hard arrival times are not open ended. They give you a specific time to arrive, as they have events that require your assistance. Pageant appearance examples of this are red carpets, judging, emceeing for pageants or any event where you are expected to perform a specific duty or activity while you are there (i.e. greet people upon arrival at a fundraiser, etc).

Soft or Open arrivals are mostly for events in which you are only expected to show up (and they do NOT have a red carpet). Pageant appearance examples are cocktail parties/fundraisers, all-day fairs or any event where they specify your arrival can be any time during the event.

Please Note: Almost EVERY event you will attend or pageant appearance you will do has a specific time you should be there, always ask if you are not sure!

What To Pack For a Pageant Appearance

A pageant appearance is not an appearance without at least a sash. Other than crown and sash you should always pack hairpins, face powder (for touch-ups), a digital camera and a change of shoes. There is no reason why you should travel to and from in heels, you will be in them long enough! I bring sweats to my appearances & change when I am far enough away after the pageant appearance is over. I carry it all in a rolling travel bag & ask the organizer for a safe place to store it.

What To Wear To a Pageant Appearance

Unless you are doing manual labor or are in the field throwing a pitch, the general rule of thumb is no jeans. For daytime appearances, a pretty top & pants or a sundress is fine. For a all-day pageant appearance, a maxidress or sundress that you can accessorize with a cardigan as it gets late, or a non-shiny (jersey or cotton, for example) cocktail dress is nice.

For an evening pageant appearance, you can be liberal with bling. Satin cocktail dresses, bigger earrings, darker makeup, etc. The only exception is when visiting other pageants or golf/country club events or fundraisers. You can wear shiny stuff then as well, as they expect you to be glam. Basically, ask yourself, “if someone told me Miss {insert title here} was coming to this event, how would I expect her to look”? You will never go wrong.

What To Do At a Pageant Appearance

There are three types of appearances; Speaking Engagements, VIP Appearances and Celebrity Appearances. For speaking engagements, you are either representing your platform or the organization that requested you. You should have at least a 15-minute speech always prepared regarding your pageant platform, but these events usually require 15 minutes or more of speaking on either the organization’s cause or yours. You should always refrain from flashy pageant attire in these occasions unless it is a dinner or cocktail engagement. Examples of this include speaking at a school, Boys/Girls Club or round table/symposium.

VIP Pageant Appearance

VIP Appearances are appearances where you are requested to represent the organization on a more superficial level. You raise the profile of the event, but usually only do a small amount of speaking. Examples of this are appearing on behalf of a sponsor at a fair or expo, attending a fundraiser or cocktail event to introduce the keynote speaker or welcoming people to an event (meet and greet), etc. In this instance, you should have a 60-second to 3-minute speech/intro prepared, or if you are good, just ask the host to give you talking points. Radio and TV interviews fall under this category as well, as you rarely speak in them for more than 3 minutes.

Celebrity Pageant Appearance

“Celebrity” appearances are appearances where you simply attend to get press for the client, yourself or your pageant system. Usually in these instances, you just attend and make sure you get your picture taken. Always remember to talk about the organization, but beyond that, you just network and have fun. Examples of this is a red carpet at a charity event (where you are not the speaker or host), attending a grand opening, visiting queen at a pageant or any invited event where you have not been asked to speak.

Tips For a Successful Pageant Appearance

-Always get your picture taken with your camera. You may never find the camera guy that took your picture, and if they do not run it, you were not there.

-Always keep your cards or autograph pad on you and pass them out!

-Refrain from drinking out of anything but a water bottle. Just trust me on this.

-Refrain from profanity, or any sort of foul moodiness, even when you think no one is looking.

-Remember to let your sash show in the picture!

By following these pageant appearance tips I know that you are going to be a success!

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