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Miss America Hairstyles: How To

by / Wednesday, 11 September 2013 / Published in Hair and Makeup
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So you are vying to be Miss America, but you have no idea how to style your hair for the occasion. Have no fear; the Queen of Makeup is here! The first thing that pops into my head when I begin to think about Miss America is a clean, well kept, and conservative looking individual. The only issue is when people hear the term conservative, they automatically think bland, or lacking that extra pizzazz. I will explain how to style your hair with modern looks, while still be appropriately style for your competition.


I cannot tell you how innately different preparing for Miss USA is than preparing for Miss America. From the interview process to evening gown, they are similar to the eye, but not by the technicalities. Research what your system is asking for and requires from its contestants. Set yourself up for success, not imminent failure.

Look to the past to prepare for your future

Lucky for you, and unlucky for some past contestants, we have access to photos from former contestants from years past. I personally looked up tons of photographs of former Miss Texas USA 2013 Ali Nugent to see how she styled herself for the Miss Texas USA 2013 competition. Looking at past winners is helpful, but keep in mind, you are not them. Ali was a brunette, so how her makeup flowed with her hair was tailored to make HER look work. Take notes on the looks that work in the competition and tailor it to work for you.

Preparation is key in order to be pretty

If you want to have flowing locks down your back and currently have shoulder length hair, there is a great chance you will need hair extensions in order to achieve your look. Plan ahead with your stylist to ensure you have whatever supplies you need to achieve your overall look. I recommend planning hair appointments and purchasing hair care products that you will need well in advance.

Research! Research! Research!

All the information you need about how to look, prepare, and maintain for a pageant are all over our website! Take advantage of these articles and study your craft. Anyone can show up and compete, but the girl who fares well studied her craft and understood going in what she needed to do to in order to win.

Hairstyles that work for Miss America

Contestants with long hair

I recommend for long hair:

miss america,miss new york,pageant hairstyles,

Miss America

• Long, layered hair that has body and volume throughout the entire head. This look is very common in the Miss America system. Layers, when cut correctly, can frame the face and allow your hair to have tons of body when it is blow dried and flat ironed. With long layers, you are given the option to add tons of body and curls to your hair. I call this look the All-American look because you can keep the look simple and have the girl next door vibe, or add curls and look a bit more glamorous.

Contestants with short hair

I recommend this look for short hair lengths:

Miss-Alaska,Debbe-Ebben,pageant hairstyles,short

Miss Alaska

• If you have a pixie cut, I recommend having razor cut ends. This gives you a cute, edgy look, yet maintains the elegance of the short cut. Emma Watson is the perfect example of having a short pixie cut and looking cute as a button. You do not want to add tons of gel, or product, to short looks because it takes away from the effortless nature of the look.

Contestants with medium length hair

I recommend this look for medium length hair:

leigh-taylor-smith-fitness-winner-miss-america-20091,short hairstyles,

Leigh Taylor Smith

• For bob length hair, I recommend an A symmetrical cut. This look is versatile and allows you to have the maximum body and volume. Bobs look best when they are side swept and feathered. The best part of having medium length hair is that it can be transitioned and styled to fit any phase of competition. You can have it slicked back, or half up. Either way, this look can work with your hair length.

Stay beautiful!

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About JoAnn Emale

I am the Queen of Makeup for The Pageant Planet! I currently hold the title of Miss Denton County USA 2014 and will be competing in Miss Texas USA 2014 in August. Pageantry has truly changed my life in multiple facets and I plan on competing until I reach my highest title. Pageantry is more than just a competition to me; it is a way of life and it is the life I plan on leading for years to come. My overall goal is to be television host, actress, model, and owner of my own makeup line. With continued faith and guidance from God, I know anything is possible.

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