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How to Tease Pageant Hair

by / Monday, 27 May 2013 / Published in Hair and Makeup
how to,tease,pageant,hair
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Hair Stylist, Andrea Sands of Tulsa, Oklahoma shows how to tease pageant hair in this instructional video. Regardless if you are a first time competitor or a seasoned professional, learning the most effective, stylish ways to do your hair will help you stand out on stage get the attention of a potential sponsor at your next networking event.

You’ve heard the saying, “The Higher the Hair the Closer to God,” well, this video on how to tease pageant hair will get you one step “closer to God”.

Video shot by Grace Holloway

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About Grace Holloway

Professional Media at the University of Central Oklahoma. Creator of D.A.R.T./Arts Advocate & Blogger. Social Media Intern for the Pageant Planet. Production Intern at Discover Oklahoma.

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