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How do You Keep Your Pageant Swimsuit from Riding Up?

by / Thursday, 28 November 2013 / Published in Pageant Wardrobe
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Firm Grip

Butt Glue

Make sure you keep butt glue with you whenever you plan on competing in swimsuit. It is simple and works much better than double sided tape. The brand I use is called Firm Grip. It prevents a wardrobe malfunction onstage, so your swimsuit doesn’t ride up.  You really only want the audience to see the cheeks on your face is what I’m saying.

How to Put On Firm Grip

Apply it to the outer edges of the suit and stick it to your skin until it is secure and you are confident the suit won’t ride up.  You can then pull it up a little and use butt glue to hold the top of the swimsuit up as well, which makes your butt look a little perkier (you should have to do those squats though, it doesn’t fix everything).

To take it off, use baby wipes or face cleaning wipes. If you have evening gown right after you will want to make sure to wash the stickiness off before you put your gown on so it doesn’t stick to your underwear or skin.

Once you are secure and confident that your swimsuit won’t suddenly expose you, you can be more confident while competing and showing off the amazing body you’ve been working on.

Good luck in swimsuit.

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