As I reflect upon my own body while sitting upon my couch and eating froyo, I came to the realization that I, Allie Cole, will NEVER have 6-pack abs. They are physically unattainable, and I am completely fine with that. Now, I do have a toned stomach thanks to a little diet and exercise tweaking

We all know that coconut oil is a new “miracle” product that can do a million and one things, from conditioning hair and skin to being a tasty (and healthy) way to fry up your favorite foods. But I’m sure you didn’t know that coconut oil has many healing properties that make it a versatile

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Can NuSkin Make You Healthier?

Wednesday, 09 April 2014 by

When I heard about NuSkin for the first time, it was only a few weeks ago. Steven invited me to attend a seminar that gave a general overview of the company, and he would be sharing his own personal results from product use. I met with the Queen of Talent, Kelsey Benson, who had used

I know my posts recently have been about keeping your skin healthy, but youthful skin is something that many of us take for granted. I’m guilty of not getting in eight 8-ounce glasses daily, although that is very detrimental for 0ur health. Why is this a bad thing? We often find ourselves replacing our water

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Cat eyes are a definite DO for this season, as they were seen on many runways at Paris Fashion Week. The cat eye is my signature eye look, and something that I wear to work, in pageants, or when I am just out and about. I think that it makes my eyes look larger, especially

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Well girls, here I am on another topic that gets under my skin until I can’t take it any more. While before I have spoke about how much makeup is too much, today I’m here to talk about why you should not match your lipstick to your outfit.   Reasoning It’s overpowering. As much as

Many people wonder what products are best for their skin, but I have found that trial and error is truly the only way to determine how your skin will react to a certain makeup. For example, I can wear certain foundations, but eye shadows from the same company make me look like I have an

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This past weekend I had the wonderful opportunity to compete in the West Virginia Strawberry Festival Pageant. However, after the production I was approached by the same couple that had searched me out after the 2010 West Virginia Teen USA pageant. Unbelievably, they told me the same thing they had four years ago–that I needed

When it comes to brown eyes, I personally think that this beautiful color is the most versatile for makeup. While in the pageant world we must keep our appearance semi-tame. I am a firm believer that when you can have a little fun. It is perfectly acceptable to do so. Below is a step-by-step guide

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On stage, the smokey eye is your saving grace. It’s sexy yet elegant, and draws the attention to your face without being too distracting. However more often than not, those with fair eyes seem to have their features lost in the dark, smoldering colors. Below is a safe way to wear a smokey eye without