So you want to have a gorgeous photo finish look like Miss Teen USA K. Lee Graham? Here are some simple steps to give you THIS look, in no time! Applying Makeup to Your Face  1. Clean Face. You want to begin with a clean face. I usually wash my face with just a gentle

Pageant weave can give you the desired length, body, shine and even color of hair that you have always been longing for. Here are some tips to help you maintain your weave for a longer time. Beware of kitchen beauticians! Do not let just anyone install weave into your hair. There are tons of individuals who

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“Rapunzel, Rapunzel let down your long hair!” But what if you don’ t have any? Although we may feel it is our constitutional right to be born with long, luscious locks, the fact of the matter is, we are not all given that privilege. For those of us ladies who fall short in the areas

When you are competing in your pageant, you will need to adjust your amount of makeup for different phases. What your wear in interview will be much less than what you wear for stage makeup. It is, however, somewhat difficult to determine if you have enough makeup on, or if you have gone completely overboard.

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Top 5 Products for Curly Hair

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Curly hair must be tamed like the wild beast that it is when it comes to pageants. That doesn’t mean you’re expected to flat iron and sizzle the life out of your natural hair texture just for the sake of a pageant. Remember normal life returns after the spot lights are dimmed and the confetti

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I firmly and strongly believe that hair extensions were made for pageant girls! Ok…that may be taking it a bit far, but I think that hair extensions are a great alternative! They can give you those long, flowing locks or those nice full bangs. They can even give you that volume and thickness you’ve often

Texas Style Hair Tutorial

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The charming little sentiment, “The higher the hair, the closer to God,” is well-known in the pageant industry as well. Many women believe that, due to their hair type, they cannot achieve the level of volume they desire. They tease their hair out of its misery, and the volume falls flat in an hour or

There is nothing like your crowning glory! Your hair is one of the most important pieces of your pageant image. You can be a total 10 and lose with a terrible haircut. You look great naturally, but let’s face it…a weave is your best bet for creating that perfect look every time without fail. Some

For a pageant girl, pageant hair is our crowning glory…LITERALLY! Your hairstyle frames your face, while your highlights draw attention to your eyes and skin tone. Many of us have longer hair, which can be a daunting challenge to maintain. Here are some methods by which to attain a gorgeous halo of pageant hair and

When girls tell me that a flat iron won’t do for their head of ringlets, or that their curls fall out after a great deal of quality time with the curling iron, I can always pinpoint the problem to two issues: there was not a proper foundation of correct hair styling products and the proper