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5 Tips on How to Win the Miss America Swimsuit Competition

by / Sunday, 03 November 2013 / Published in Diet and Exercise
2013 Miss America Preliminary Competition Day 1 at Planet Hollywood in Las Vegas
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2013 Miss America Preliminary Competition Day 1 at Planet Hollywood in Las Vegas

Ali Rogers, Miss South Carolina 2012, Preliminary Swimsuit Winner at Miss America

The Miss America pageant is the biggest pageant of the year.  Not only do pageant girls wait for this all year, but everyone in America does!  In the Miss America pageant system, swimsuit score is fifteen percent of your total score.  So what do you do to win a swimsuit preliminary at a state pageant or Miss America?  Here are my main tips.

  1.  Swimsuit Choice: Choose a pageant swimsuit that compliments your body.  Specifically, choose a swimsuit from a pageant designer.  Having confidence in your swimsuit is necessary, so if you don’t feel comfortable in a two piece swimsuit, rock a one piece.  Swimsuits from pageant designers are made to look amazing and expensive on stage.  Be sure to choose a swimsuit color that compliments your skin tone and personality well.
  2. Swimsuit Shoe Choice: Pageant swimsuit shoes are not just the heels from the back of your closet.  Swimsuit shoes should be nude or clear in color.  The shoes should have heels as high as high as you are able to walk in comfortably.  These shoes should not distract from your body or swimsuit, but rather blend in with your body to create a long leg line.
  3. Workouts: Working out is essential to having an amazing swimsuit body.  If you are going to compete in the Miss America pageant, your body should be flawless.  If you make the top fifteen at the Miss America pageant, you will be on national TV in a swimsuit.  Create a consistent and realistic workout routine to prepare for the pageant that consists of cardio and weight lifting.  The key to standing out in swimsuit is being fit and have great tone to your muscles.
  4. Eating Right: Have you heard the saying abs are made in the kitchen?  It is true.  Just because you work out every day, does not mean you can go home and eat as much as you please.  Make sure to eat balance meals throughout the day to create the healthiest diet possible.  Get a variety of whole grains, dairy, fruits, veggies, and protein in your diet daily.
  5. Confidence: Confidence is what wins the swimsuit competition when all of the girls look amazing in a swimsuit.  Strut your stuff down the runway and give everyone your best pose and smile.

Are you competing in a state or national pageant coming up?  Comment below and tell me how you to plan to win the swimsuit competition.

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  1. I'm short, so I plan to rock it with CONFIDENCE! Dynamite comes in small packages!

  2. Chloe Hernandez says : Reply

    Lol um…. Confidence is all I got for me

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