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4 Signs You Have Met a Pageant Patty

by / Saturday, 07 September 2013 / Published in General Tips
pageant patty,
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If you’ve been involved in pageantry for any length of time you’ve met the infamous Pageant Patty and after one encounter, you’re not anxious to have another. But, for those of you who’ve never had the privilege of meeting Patty, here is how you can identify her.

While the term is not an official one as far as Mr. Webster is concerned, in the world of pageantry we define a Pageant Patty as a girl who tries to hard to be the stereotypical pageant girl. She’s often seen wearing more rhinestones than fabric and has collected more crowns than friends.

So now that you’ve had a formal introduction to Pageant Patty, here are some more specific characteristics to look out for as you are networking at your next pageant to make sure you’re not speaking to one.

1. She is nicer than Elle Woods could ever be, and you just met.

pageant patty,

This in turn makes you very suspicious.

2. She proclaims you will be best friends forever and ever within minutes of meeting you.

pagenat patty,definition,best friends

But you aren’t buying it.

3. She stays up late at night practicing the opening number routine and wants you to join.

pageant dance routine

But, when you interject your ideas she’s like…


4. She has a rehearsed answer to any of your conversational questions.


And you just don’t know what to say.


Be careful at your next pageant! Don’t let a Pageant Patty suck you in!

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